Heather Quinlan My name is Heather Quinlan, and you have just stumbled into my online home.  Feel free to make yourself comfortable and contribute to the cause of sharing knowledge and education online! You see I began my career as an academic teacher.  I taught a variety of students from elementary, to high school aged children.  While teaching in high school, I overheard one of my students bragging to his friends about how he was making over $250.00 a day from a single website he had built.  Now this student was never someone I would consider a straight A type of guy; and I knew he could use some extra points to help ensure he would pass my class.

I decided I would offer him an extra credit assignment that revolved around his online venture.  I offered extra credit opportunities to everyone in the class, but for his paper I wanted to learn specifically about how he was earning so much money each day.  I mold these students lives, and he was supposedly making more money than I was, on what he described as auto pilot.  The student completed his extra credit assignment in great detail.  He mentioned how he built a website using WordPress, placed ads on the site using Google AdSense, and promoted the site using Facebook and Twitter.   The detail this kid put into his report was amazing as he broke down every step of his website creation process, how he generated content that would be engaging and relevant to his niche, and how he attracted visitors.

I figured I had a great blueprint to start with so I decided to find a web host that a starving teach could afford, and build my very own WordPress site.  I signed up with a host that only costs $.75 a month and had an auto-installer script built into my control panel.  I installed WordPress and within seconds this wonderful site was up and running.  While I do not plan on revealing my other websites, this blog will serve as my log with my journey of making money online.  I plan to cover various areas of web design, search engine ranking tactics, paid search, social media marketing, and branding.  If a 17 year old kid could do it, I sure hope I can too!