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You’d think with all the fuss about indexing web pages to add to search engine databases, that robots would be great and powerful beings. engine optimization guide for wordpress

If you’d like to gain access to the official Google+ API, you’ll need to sign up with Google to register interest in a Google+ developer account. Unfortunately, the API is not yet public. It’s unclear whether this will change as the service matures, but inquiring about developer access is certainly worth looking into if you want serious Google+ integration and sharing between your site and the service.

It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in modern world history. It destroyed a major city and supposedly killed 300,000. But, nobody was sure if it was an earthquake or cyclone. The French are artistic people. When cornered, they could be as furious and determined as the wounded tigress! French Resistance in the Second World War is a brilliant example of French Nationalism. Are fairies and elves real? When you discover how many fairy doors and elf houses spring up around the world, you may begin to wonder!

Coming up with ideas for short stories can be difficult, but not being a fan of writing exercises, I’ve developed a few alternative ways of finding inspiration. Taking the time to set up a new ring binder organizer, such as a Filofax, is key for keeping track of appointments, accomplishing daily tasks, setting goals, making monthly budgets, and more. Want to improve your grammar? Follow my rules for eliminating common mistakes that lower your grade on essays.

Slack’s Slackbot.” You’re hanging out with your coworkers or with members of a networking group on Slack, when all of a sudden, the company’s infamous Slackbot chimes in with something helpful like I’m pretty sure the answer is: PEPPER JACK CHEESE” or Daaaayyyyyummmmmmmm is right.” It’s a little thing, but it’s one that puts a smile on your face whenever you use the program.

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